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June 2006. Current exhibitions.

LES OREADES Gallery is pleased to announce the June exhibitions.
Exhibition locations: Central House Of Artists, Hotel Marco Polo Presnia, Paveletskaya Tower Business Centre.

"Summer in Oreades 2006". An annual expanded exhibition. 8 June 2 July. Central House Of Artists, 3d Floor, Hall 17.
Opening on Thursday, June 15th, 6pm. Invitation is available from Thursday, June 8, at the Gallery and at our website.

Exhibition "LUXURY WORLD 2006". KROKUS EXPO. WEC. 7 -10 June 2006.

Humor, grotesque, expression. The exhibition of contemporary painters Anatoly Purlik, Alexsey Parshkov, Sidorov Vladimir. Painting, graphic, drawing. It will take place to June 18th, 2006.

Summer. Zhidkov Evgenii. Painting. From June 20th to July 18th, 2006. CHA, New Galleries space, Hall 6.

Anatoly Purlik. "Lost eyes". Painting. 1 30 June. Paveletskaya Tower Business Centre. Entrance free.

Yury Mandaganov. Buryat motives. Florentine mosaic from Siberia. 1 30 June. Hotel Marco Polo Presnia. Entrance free.

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