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Opening of the exhibition by Yury Mandaganov. Hotel Marco Polo Hall.

The Opening of the exhibition of Yury Mandaganov from the Republic of Buryatia (Siberia) took place on the 2 nd of March, 2006 in the Hotel Marco Polo Presnia.
Yury Mandaganov exhibits your unique paintings - "panno" in technique of Florentine mosaic.
Member of Russian artist Union. National painter of the Republic of Buryatia.
He is success to install new principles and actual style in genre of modern monumental and decorateive art. His creative credo: use in the coloured palette of incrustated panel only semi-precious stones which possess to opinion of Yury , unusual attractive beauty, nobleness of texture and colour and at the same time as scientists-minerarologists state, they contain positive energetic charge, which therapeutically influence spectator.

There are 26 paintings you can see in the Hotel Marco Polo Hall to April 30th, 2006. Entrance free.
You are welcome.

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