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An Artist's Emotional Life Reflected in His Paintings. Aron Bukh.

Aron Bukh has an oddly self-deprecating view of his profession.
"Art is a game compared to real life," he says. But that statement is simply a reflection of the artist's zest for life, and his sharp, emotional perception of the world comes through in his art.
Aron Bukh is Russia’s most famous and colorful living expressionist. Today, the artist is 82 years old and at the height of his creative life. His favorite motifs are colorful still-lifes with flowers and fruit, nudes, country landscapes and city scenes of Moscow, where he has lived most of his life.
Bukh was born in 1923 in Berdichev, Ukraine, the son of a Jewish merchant, and moved with his family to Moscow during the turbulent years following the Bolshevik Revolution and a long, bloody civil war. As a young man he studied art in Moscow. He is a pupil of the outstanding Soviet artist Konstantin Yuon.

He was admitted to the USSR Union of Artists in 1959, and despite the rigid guidelines imposed upon artists by the Soviet authorities, always remained fiercely independent and original in his style. Bukh’s art truly emerged in the vibrant, joyful and free color that we see today.
In recent years his work has become well known and popular in the West, and his paintings can be found in museums in Moscow, Riga and other cities as well as in private collections in Russia and abroad.
The artist's works can be found in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Arkhangelsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts, the Victory Museum in Moscow.

From January 11 Through January 31, 2006: solo exhibition by Aron Bukh.

Central House Of Artists,
10 Krymsky Val,
The Mezzanine, Hall N3

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