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The summer of 2014 came!

The summer of 2014 came!
And we, as well as you are ready to rejoice to the sun, flowers, the wood, the river and, of course, I exhaust!
All our team which made exhibitions for this year much, goes on leave.
And I, Lilija Petrovna Slavinskaya, leave for three months to the north, on polar station, on the Island of Franz Joseph Land, to draw and paint pictures.
We will begin work and exhibitions, in the fall, in October.
To a meeting and appointments in halls of exhibitions!
With deep respect for all who loves creativity and art,

Liliya Slavinskaya. +7(916)242-01-69
On a photo: L. Slavinskaya. Wanderings of the artist. From travel across the Black Sea round the Crimean peninsula in the summer of 2006.

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