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"TWO PLEASURES": "Feast" and "Paradise garden". Vladimir Dzhemesyuk. Z

"TWO PLEASURES": "Feast" and "Paradise garden" are represented by Vladimir Dzhemesyuk at an exhibition in the Zverevsky center of the modern art.
Curators: Elizabeth Plavinskaya and Lilija Slavinskaya.
On March 5, Tuesday, at 19:00 exhibition opening.
Within two weeks we can get acquainted with creativity of the master.

"Vladimir Dzhemesyuk is a masterful painting in three brightly recognizable directions (not from which the author recognizes all really the): scientific postimpressionism, psychoaffairs and new painting (that in Germany was called "new wild")". (Vladimir Dzhemesyuk. TWO PLEASURES. Press release to an exhibition. Elizabeth Plavinskaya). Moscow,
Novoryazanskaya St.,
29, structure 4
(m.  "Baumanskaya")
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"TWO PLEASURES": Vladimir Dzhemesyuk. Zverevsky center of the modern art. March 2013. more

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