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Prizes from the House of Creativity of "Romanovo" are awarded.

Competitive work: Alexander Oligerov. "365". The canvas, oil, 95 х 100 sm, 2010

Prizes are awarded:
To Alexander Oligerov, Great Novgorod
To Olga Mochalova, Moscow
We congratulate and is desirable pleasant rest!

The house of Creativity of "Romanovo" invites to itself visitors, and we in turn recommend this rare, remarkable place to you, dear friends!
The detailed information, photos, the prices, you can look at contacts on a site:

The reporting - on August, 4th at 19.45 on TV channel "Doverie" (Trust).
On August, 4th at 19.45 on TV channel Trust, in transfer ЦАО TV «is wider district» the reporting on project ArtPreview and on exhibition opening «ArtPreview – LesOreades, summer 2011», interview to participants of an exhibition, галеристами, organizers of competition.
Photos and the reporting from exhibition opening
More in detail: biographies of authors on site ArtPreview.
The exhibition "Liliya Slavinskaya  represents: SUMMER In OREADES - 2011" - a photo an album

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