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On January, 22nd 2011, 16:00.CHA, 5th hall. "Presentation of project LODJA 2011".
Gallery Les Oreades
and personally Lilija Slavinskaya, the director of gallery, are one of founders of association "PETROPHLOT".
That is why within the limits of an exhibition "PAINTING HOLIDAY", the Part II has taken place project presentation "LODJA 2011" - historical and cultural expeditions.
It is a little about stories...
2004 - the Olympic Games in Athenes.
The Lilija Slavinskaya in 2004 was a part of expedition which accompanied the Olympic fire.
"Prelate Petr" ("Svjatoi Peotr")  was a representation vessel of Federation of sailing of Russia.
30 pictures of gallery were onboard the ship, and this exposition was represented in all ports of its calling on an island Crete and in Greece.
Now the gallery is the main link in the organization of expeditions in which the artists possessing ability to live and work in extreme conditions, will go on routes of the ship "Prelate Petr".
The book "MEMORY CRYSTALS" of Sergey Evteev, presented on an opening day, about eternal knowledge of beauty.
The book is unusual. The wind of wanderings filling its pages, has mixed in it space and time, stones of the Earth and sea open spaces, historical epoch and human destinies.

Historical and cultural expeditions - the project "PETROPHLOT".
Following routes of expedition "RUSSIAN LODJA 2011" (May - August 2011) are planned:
Great Volga Way:
Moskva-Dubna-Kaljazin-Uglich-Myshkin-Rybinsk-Tutaev-Jaroslavl-Kostroma-Nizhny Novgorod.
Svirsky Way: Cherepovets-Belozersk-Vytegra-Onega (an island Kizhi) - Voznesene - Ladoga lake (O.Valaam) - a fortress the Nutlet - St.-Petersburg.
The White sea: Kemj, Solovetsky  islands- Archipelago Kuzova - the Kandalakkshsky gulf - Arkhangelsk.
Foreign sailing campaigns.
You can read the additional information short) in the booklet (is in a photo an album and in gallery)
In the Photo album opening day high lights are presented.

Photoalbum... exhibition "PAINTING HOLIDAY", the Part II (exposition)

Video: Bells from "Prelate Petr" ("Svjatoi Peotr")

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