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«I HEAR VOICES». Vladimir Roskin. Painting.

The Russian Academy of Arts,
gallery «Oready - Les Oreades» 
and a family of artist Vladimir Roskin
Vladimir Roskin's 50 pictures. 

4 February - 30 March  2010 
(Visits by appointment

Vladimir Roskin (1896-1984) witnessing civilisation rushing into the 20th century.
A substantial collection of Vladimir Roskin’s paintings is exhibited for the first time in seven years.
One admires the desire of the artist to see the future of mankind as new and beautiful.
Symbols of past times are reflected in Roskin’s works: airships, planes, the Ostankinskaya tower and silhouettes of new architecture. 
In these works and their composition, Roskin aspires to convey the spirit of transformation, the dream of new cities, the new life for the mankind.
Exhibition opening on February, 4th at 18.00 
in halls of the Russian Academy of Arts.
Location: 3rd Frunzenskaya street, 19

Tel. 8 (495) 229 63 52, 8 (910) 406-60-85 
 Website: (The Russian Academy of Arts website)

 Photo albom «I HEAR VOICES». Vladimir Roskin. Opening. 
Exhibition   «I HEAR VOICES». Vladimir Roskin. (Les Oreades Gallery website)

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