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Happy New Year!

On December, 22nd 2009 in a hall №5 on the 1 floor in the Central House of Artists opens
        Anniversary exhibition of gallery «Ореады - Les Oreades»,
         It is devoted the 20 anniversary of formation of gallery in Russia.
In an exhibition participate more than thirty authors: painters, schedules and sculptors. The bright choice of the pictures different in a format and a material of execution, displays taste and style of gallery.
In expectation of New year, Christmas, Old New year, bright impressions and gifts, therefore a variety under the prices are necessary to all will involve buyers of a drawing, arts and crafts, polygraphy and pictures. 
In the same time in gallery (hall №6) you will surprise and will please works of artists «schools of the Vladimir landscape» with their snow fantastically-beautiful Russian cities. And pictures of the artist from Moscow Boris Smotrov transfer fun and pleasure of winter holidays.
The exhibition works since December, 22nd 2009 on January, 25th 2010.
Opening day on December, 25th, on Friday.

We wait for you on a visit on December, 25th on an opening day from 18 o'clock.

Happy New Year!

                               Lilia Slavinskaya

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