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"Ark" of Khamid Savkuev. Painting, a drawing, a sculpture.

Since July, 7th, 2009 in the State museum of the East (Nikitsky parkway, 12а) the exhibition of works of Khamid Savkuev - the painter, the schedule, the sculptor, a member-correspondent of the Russian academy of arts is opened.  

So on a substantial scale works of the author are presented in Moscow for the first time: in an exposition it is collected about 100 products executed in basic in the last two days. Among them: monumental picturesque panels, the pictures devoted to its native earth and culture of Circassians, an illustration to ancient Nartov to the epos, sculptural works of different genres. 
To find professionalism, to develop universality of talent and find own language of plastic images Khamid Savkuev a smog in the oldest art high school of Russia - Institute of painting, a sculpture and architecture of I.E.Repin which walls, apparently, have absorbed high ideals and the academic traditions. 
The person - the hero of an antique myth both Shakespearean dramas and drama events of history of the XX-th century, a present idol of crowd and the supernumerary in this crowd - a subject of art research of Khamid Savkuev. A source of special, courageous intonation of its products, undoubtedly, the epos Nartov in whom the people living in the North Caucasus, appreciate an embodiment of properties of the character necessary in these mountains was. And if in illustrations to Nartov to the epos of Khamid Savkuev creates iron a miracle - athletes in pictures of a mountain cycle it, speaking to Alexander Bloka's words, «Impersonal - humanises». The artist enriches a high epic system of a narration shrill details in the reliability and details of a life, the nature, shape of heroes. Themes of destiny, a debt, loneliness or a unification in its products sound with impressing force and an originality, being embodied in picturesque parables, plastic metaphors with clearness, clear to people of different cultural traditions. 
Not Kh.Savkuev's casually monumental lists decorate secular buildings and one of side-altars of a temple of the Christ of the Savior, it is possible to see sculptural works of the author on the areas of cities, and easel - in museums of China and Spain, at collectors in many countries of the world. 

The exhibition will last till September, 6th, 2009. 

(On materials of a site of the State museum of the East item=61) 
Look the Video reporting: ТВЦ 3 channel Wednesday, on July, 8th 2009, 14:30  

Khamid Savkuev's collection   (site Les Oreades)

Gallery Les Oreades repeatedly represents for the last few years works by Khamid Savkuev at the exhibitions.


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