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Purume Hong. Exhibition opening in the Noviy Manege. 17 April 2009.

Gallery Les Oreades in April represents a drawing of Korean artist Purume Hong: in gallery on 10 Krymsky Val, CHA,
and in the Noviy Manege from
April, 17 till April, 21st at exhibition HUDGRAPH 2009.


The special section of fair – a special exposition of the modern South Korean artist Purume Hong exposed by gallery Mimezis (Geneva) also Les Oreades (Moscow-Paris).
Creativity of this artist became revelation for spectators of Europe.
In it as at the big crossroads there were traditional materials of the Chinese painting: a rice paper, ink and brushes
and the modern relation to the image, developed in the Gestalt theory where the subjects making our environment,
are perceived by feelings not in the form of separate objects, and as the organised forms.


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