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Summer in ROMANOVO! Gallery invites you!

The town Romanov is situated in the most beautiful place of the Top Volga,
38 kilometers to the north-west of Yaroslavl.
Landing place.

These places, amazing by their beauty, were always inspiration for Russian painters.
Boris Kustodiev created works “Russian province” in Romanov.
There is a museum of the first provincial bank, a museum of life, a museum of nail in the town.
The cleanest air, water and silence will pleasantly surprise You after city fuss.
It’s impossible to get the same impressions in any other place in all Europe.

Historical information:
Ancient Russian town Tutaev (till 1918 – Romanov-Borisoglebsk, got the status of town in 1822) is divided by the Volga into two parts. On the left bank, steep and high, - the former town Romanov, on the right one, more flat, - former Borisoglebsk.
The town Romanov was established on the left bank of the Volga about 1370. by Yaroslavsky prince Roman Vasilyevich,
from the name of which it got its name.
(There is a version that the town was established in 1283 by Uglichsky prince Roman Vladimirovich).
We are waiting for You!

Address: Yaroslavskaya area, Tutaevsky region, town Tutaev, left side (Romanovo), Pokrovskaya square, 8.

How to get to us:
By train to the town Yaroslavl-Glavny.
From Yaroslavsky rail station in Moscow: departures at 8.24 am and 4.30 pm.
From the auto station of the square Yaroslavl-Glavny
by bus № 128 to Romanovo – left side, departure at 1.10 pm.


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