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House for artists "ROMANOVO" - Tutayev.

Historic information.
Tutayev is a district center of the Yaroslavl region, located 38 km north-west of Yaroslavl. Until 1918 Tutayev was called Romanov-Borisoglebsk.
In memory of the Red Army soldier I.P. Tutayev, perished during a revolt of Socialist-Revolutionaries the town was renamed. The Volga splits Tutayev into two parts, that were considered different towns till the 18th century. The oldest of them is Romanov on the left bank. It was founded in the late 13th century, 1283 the latest, by Roman Vasilievitch, the prince of Uglich, as a small fortress. In 1491 Romanov became a part of the principality of Muscovy.

You can get there from Moscow taking a train from the Yaroslavsky railroad station or in a car by the Yaroslavskoye shosse.
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