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Exhibition of works from a collection "Les oreades" gallery.

The Les oreades-Oready gallery represents a collection of painting of artists of gallery.
At an exhibition it will be possible to see works of such artists:
Aron Bukh
Jacques Ikhmalyan
Pyotr Dick
Evgeny Zhidkov
Rita Gevorkyan
Vladimir Kucherenko
Alexey Lantsev
Anatoly Purlik
Viktor Smirnov
Svetlana Rumak
Igor Shipilin
Elena Shegal

Pictures were exposed by gallery at numerous exhibitions, art fairs in Russia and other countries.

From December 6 to December 21 in the 5th hall, the 2nd floor of the Central House of Artists.

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Moscow, Central House of Artists,
Hall 5 second floor
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