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In the 5th hall the exhibition of a sculpture of Alexander Vorokhob will be presented.

2 - May 12, 2013

Opening day: On May 3 at 17:00

CHA, 5th hall, 2nd floor.
A.Vorokhob the participant of numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad, including the Moscow international biennial of the modern art.

Works of the sculptor are judgment of space as categories. Search of the sign solved by the minimum means, takes the central place in creativity of the artist. The aspiration to monumentalism in the solution of figurative and plastic tasks also is a distinctive feature of the sculptor. Character of the image bears lines of a timeless order - objects sound more difficult, than their literal reading. The stiffened forms create feeling of other space. The object of the image is ciphered, detached, but is read out by the viewer. Solving a subject, the sculptor to aspire to a polysemy, dimensions of the images.

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Vorokhob Aleksander


Vorokhob Aleksander


Vorokhob Aleksander

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5th hall, 2nd floor.
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