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LILIJA SLAVINSKAYA represents. Gallery collection. Painting. Graphic. Sculpture. CHA, Hall 5.

Exhibition from a gallery collection.
Painting. Drawing. Sculpture.

Artists are presented: Evgenie Amaspjur, Victor Kazarin, Vladimir Kucherenko, Jacque Ihmaljan,
Anatoly Purlik, Igor Shipilin, Alexey Lantsev, Boris Smotrov, Vladimir Roskin, Hamid Savkuev,
Yury Burdzheljan, Natalia Krapivina, Svetlana Rumak, Tatyana Jan.
Sculpture: Alexander Vorokhob.

Catalogs, booklets, a drawing, cards, CDs-disks.

Small picture. A wide choice of products of painting and a drawing.

From January, 10 till January, 29th, 2012.

Opening day on January, 22nd at 16:00

CHA, 2nd floor, 5th hall.

1) Photo-album …
Lilija Slavinskaya represents a traditional winter exhibition. CHA, Hall 5. Jan. 2012
2) Photo-album …
Opening day: LILIJA SLAVINSKAYA INVITES. CHA, 5Hall. Jan. 22nd 2012.

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Vorokhob Aleksander


Vorokhob Aleksander


Yjan Tatjana
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