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ART-MANEGE-2011. "TWILIGHT of SCARLET LIPS". Les Oreades Gallery.

"TWILIGHT of SCARLET LIPS." Les Oreades Gallery will take part in it.

Manege Central Exhibition Hall.

Every picture intrigues a spectator by its original plot, conception or pictorial form.
Artistic exposition of the Gallery unexpectedly integrates them into one breathtaking space.

Lilija Slavinskaya represents:
Painting. Drawing: Anatoly Purlik, Jacque Ihmaljan, Peter Dik,
Evgenie Krjukov, Vladimir Shishkov, Yurii Ustinov, Tamara Shilovskaya, Tatjana Yan and Galina Edelman.
Sculpture: Valentina Opukhtina.

30 November - 4 December 2011

Art Fair Opening: 30.11.2011 at 5.00pm

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Manege Central Exhibition Hall
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