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"Hamburger Nummern". Anatolii Purlik. Painting.

A new series of works by Anatoly Purlik “HAMBURG NUMBERS“,
continues to acquaint spectators with the next project of the author.
It already the third desire of the artist to return to the IMAGE of the BRILLIANT CITY.

Earlier written two series in Moscow and it is direct in the Hamburg, bear in itself inspiration
combined with taste of an aesthetics of numerous channels, bridges, the big water,
a special way of life of its inhabitants.
This time, the author compares sparkling metal designs, figures of burghers and interiors "kunsthalle".
Thereby underlines the dependence in relation to spirit and traditions of the Ganzejsky City.
The artist uses extremely limited set of expressive means of exact lines, sharp colours,
achieving thin графичности, a decorativism. Almost all space of pictures is filled with figurative elements,
The recognised details giving to them a certain ambiguity, desire to seize a reality,
without endowing thus the free concept.

14 May till 02 June 2009

Exhibition Catalogue (1,58 mb)

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Pourlik Anatoli

Pourlik Anatoli
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