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Bykov Aleksandr
1912 - Was born in Moscow.
1927 - Graduated from high school.
1932 - Met the famous artist K.F. Yuon and studied in his painting class.
1934 - Studied at the Art Pedagogical School in memory of 1905 with N.P. Krymov, A.N. Chirkov, K.F. Morozov and G.G. Ryazhskii (graphics).
1938 - Graduated from school and taught drawing in a high school.
1939 - Volunteered in the Finnish War and then served in the army.
1945 - Demobilization. He returned to Moscow and continued studies with Yuon.
1946 - Was a member of the Moscow State Committee of Artists.
1950 - Was a member of the Moscow Brotherhood of Artists.
1953 - Was a candidate for the USSR Artists' Union.
1957 - A member of the USSR Artists' Union.
Specialized in easel painting.
A constant participant in Moscow, republican and all-union art exhibits.

Died in Moscow in 1997.
In 2002, there was a personal exhibit of his works at LES OREADES Gallery.

The artist's work can be found in private and state collections in Russia and abroad.

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