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Savkuev Khamid
Khamid Savkuyev was born in 1964, in the town of Jambul, Kazakhstan, where his family moved from the Republic of Kabardin Balkaria , the Northern Caucasus.
In 1979, the Savkuyevs returned to Naltchik, the capital of the republic.
Khamid entered Stavropol Pedagogical Institute, department of painting and graphics, where he studied for three years.
In 1989, he enrolled in Repin Academy of Arts in St Petersburg and graduated from it in 1995 studied under the tutorship of Alexander Mylnikov.
Since 1995 the artist has worked at Alexander Mylnikov studio.
From 1998 onwards he is a teacher at Repin Academy of Arts, department of drawing at church-historical studio.
In 1999 he took part in mural painting at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, his artistic ideas having been approved and realized.
Khamid Savkuyevs works were displayed at Art Exhibition Artex in Barcelona.
One of his paintings, Saint George , was purchased specially for the President Palace in Barcelona.
His works are held in private collections in the Netherlands and China.

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