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Blok Pavel
Born in Zlatoust, Cheljabinskaya region, on December 25th 1924, into a steam-engine construction family.
Spent his childhood and youth in Kazakstan.
Gained a place at school in 1932 and studied until 1941. Great Patriotic War commences, stopped school and went to work.

In 1942, volunteered for the military academy in the City of Tyumen. When he finished school in 1943, the young ranking lieutenant went to the front. He fought with the 936rd artillery regiment (artpolka) of the 362rd Red Banner Upper-Dneprovsky rifle division, which formed part of the 1st Belorussian front.
After that he was appointed lieutenant and took up duties as commanding officer of the 936rd artillery regiment. He passed with his division through Belorussia and Poland, and in February 1945 he was badly wounded at the Oder bridgehead in Germany.
After medical treatment he was invalided out and discharged to the reserves.
Received the medals of the "Red Star", "Great Patriotic War" Grade I and various other medals.

1946-1950 - studied at Моscow Art College.
1950-1956 - studied at "Syrikova" Moscow Art Institue.
In 1963, he was accepted into the Union of Artists of the USSR.
In 1972 he was given the title "Honorary Artist of the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic (РСФСР)".
In 1985 he was awarded the Repin Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic state prize.

His works can be found in numerous Russian and foreign museums.
Many of his works are reproduced and printed in the press.

Pavel Blok has been working with "Les Oreades" gallery since 2004.

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