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Zefirov Andrei
1932 Ц Born into the artistic Konstantina Zefirov family.
1948 Ц gained a place at Moscow city art school.
1960 Ц graduated from Moscow Higher Industrial Art School (formerly Stroganov).
1962 Ц begins to participate in exhibitions. In addition to painting work, the artist also covers the areas of decorative art, posters, and book illustrations.
1966 Ц participates in the 7th International health-education poster competition. Bologne, Italy. Golden medal for group soviet posters, including the poster by ј.K.Zefirov "I Ц lover of cleanliness".
1977 Ц becomes member of USSR Union of Artists. Regular participant of exhibitions in Moscow (water-colours, tempera, oil).
1982 Ц received award from Moscow State Art Fund (USSR) for still life "Summer".
1987 Ц creative evening with exhibition work at Artist's House,  uznetski most, 11.
1988 Ц received award from Moscow State Art Fund (USSR) for still life series.
1992-1993 Ц exhibition at galleries "ћосковский двор", "«амоскворечье", "Ќикор" and others.
1993 Ц becomes member of International Artist's

Since 1992 Ц works with "Les Oreades" gallery.

Andrey Zefirov has died on November 5, 2017.

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