Echibitions in Moscow and Russia : Russian modern artists. Gallery LES OREADES collection.
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AURORA. Export-licence for art-works.
Export-licence for art-works.


THE PAINTING HOLIDAY. Part III. Collection of LES OREADES Gallery. CHA, 5 Hall.

Lilija Slavinskaya represents: "The PAINTING HOLIDAY". A part III.

Painting, a drawing:

Igor Shipilin, Vladimir Roskin, Evgenie Zhidkov, Victor Nikitin, Jacque Ihmaljan,
Anatoly Purlik, Yury Burdzheljan, Natalia Krapivina, Victor Sorokin, Peter Dik,
Vladimir Sidorov, Michael Feygin, Yury Ustinov, Vladimir Shishkov, Alexey Lantsev,
Evgenie Amaspjur, Andrey Kolkutin, Evgenie Lindin, Pjurjume Hong.  
Sculpture: Evgenie Vereschagin, Alexander Chichkin, Sergey Sobolev, Haik Mesropjan.
Olga Pobedova: unique compositions from optical glass.

>>>>>> Catalogues, booklets, a drawing, cards, CDs-disks are presented in a hall. <<<<<<

The exhibition is opened from February, 1st till March, 3rd 2011
The Central House of Artist, 5th hall (the second floor)


Aaron Boukh.

Igor Shipilin

Vladimir Sidorov.

Vladimir Sidorov.

Vladimir Sidorov.

Viktor Nikitin

Jeugeny Zgidkov.


Andrei Kolkutin

Vladimir Roskin

Vladimir Roskin

Anatoly Purlik.

Anatoly Purlik.

Peter Dik

Moisey Feigin and Tamara Shilovskaya

Viktor Sorokin

Vladimir Sidorov

Jury Burdzgeljan

Khamid Savkuev

Jury Ustinov

Khamid Savkuev

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