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Rest and inspiration oasis on coast of Volga. The Summer of 2009.

«We lived in a museum …» Memoirs on the days spent in this summer in the
House of creativity "Tutaev-Romanovo" on Volga visitors of the ancient house-private residence share.
The summer of 2009 has brought changes in house interiors, its arrangement.
Every year brings changes in conditions of the House of creativity "Tutaev-Romanovo" on Volga.
The house becomes cosier, warmer, more comfortable: Russia banja, garden.  
All has to rest and creativity: both conditions of the house and unique charm of Russian olden time of small town of Tutaev, its left coast – Romanovo-Borisoglebskogo!
Here such lines are found by us in the Internet, on pages livejournal :
     .... "And the house at us was here such... I Am afraid that one this photo will not reflect all its magnificence. 
The house of 1830 - the former manor of noble family. Old. Warm. The cosy. With the unique atmosphere and aura. Liliya Slavinskaya it is constantly restored by diligence of the Lily. (Every morning we were awoken with knock of hammers of workers).
It is an oasis of rest and inspiration for creative people on coast of Volga.
The house big - with deal floors. With the steps, the glazed verandah. It is very similar to a museum. We lived in a museum. All walls in it are covered by pictures. We sat on antiquarian chairs.
It is necessary to tell about a hall separately. The hall on the second floor is magnificent. In it carpets. An ancient black grand piano. Ancient antiquarian whatnots, lockers, chairs... And the main thing - a fireplace - soul of the house. It is covered by plateaus.
It is filled by ceramics. Ceramics, it is necessary to tell, in the house the shaking...
Each thing in the house is impregnated by heat, care... Together with us in the house there lived the poet and artist Alexey Kutsenko.
It was our ghost. He wandered on the house. He read to itself(himself) verses - and it was audible in any point of the house.
And it was our house. With hand bells over an entrance door. With bouquets of autumn colours. With the butterflies fighting in glasses.
With jugs,
, stones, caskets and pictures. With creaking floor boards. And we loved it..."

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(Summer 2009 in the House of creativity "Tutaev-Romanovo" on Volga)




"The mistress of the house"

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