Echibitions in Moscow and Russia : Russian modern artists. Gallery LES OREADES collection.
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Gallery Les Oreades
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AURORA. Export-licence for art-works.
Export-licence for art-works.


Small paintings in Les Oreades Gallery

Since November, 1st, 2009 gallery Les Oreades represents the Separate office  - "Cabinet for a small picture"
In an office of product of artists from a gallery collection. 
Artists of gallery: 
Alexander Blok, David Rubinshtejn, Michael Anikeev, Liliya Slavinskaya, Alexey Belyanin, Vladimir Sidorov, 
Nikolay Burtov, Sergey Zajtsev, Alexander Ibragimov, Feodor Lebedev, Alexander Lukin, 
Nikolay Lapshin, Svetlana Bogatyr, Leo Dguravlev, artists from cities of Kostroma, Voronezh. 

 Exposition of pictures «In a gift». 
The prices from 150 rbl. 
Paintings,  drawings.

Leo Dguravlev, 1984, c.,o., 25х34,5, 6000 rub .

Leo Dguravlev, 1998, 26х34, c.,o., 5000 Rub.

Leo Dguravlev, 2000, c.,o., 19х40, 5000 rub.

Leo Dguravlev, 2003, c.,o., 25х34,5, 5000 rub.

Leo Dguravlev, 1995, c.,o., 25х35, 5000 rub.

Leo Dguravlev, 1988, c.,o., 23х35, 4500 rub.

Leo Dguravlev, 1999, 25х35, c.,o., 5000 rub.

Leo Dguravlev. 1983, 26х40, c.,o., 6000 Rub.

V.F.Turik. 1970-s, 20х28,5, c.,o., 2500 Rub.

Lysikov. 20х20, c.,o., 1200 Rub.

V.F.Turik. 1950-ы, 17х23, c.,o., 2500 Rub.

V.F.Turik. 1970-s, 17х25, c.,o., 2000 Rub.

V.F.Turik. 1983, 20х28,5, c.,o., 2500 Rub.

A. I. Kochetov. "Crimea". 1965,, 16х22,c.,o., 2200 Rub.

A. I. Kochetov. 1960-s, 16х22, c.,o., 1200 Rub.

A. I. Kochetov. 1960-s, 16х22, c.,o., 1000 Rub.

A. I. Kochetov. 1970-s, 16х22, c.,o., 1000 Rub.

Aleksej Beljanin. "Vladimir. May". 1998, 15х23, c.,o., 6000 Rub.

Aleksej Beljanin. "Day". 2003, 15,5х23, c.,o., 5500 Rub.
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