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Brightness of my Moon. Opening.

Brightness of my Moon.
Tamara Shilovskaya, Pyotr Dik, Zhak Ikhmalyan, Anatolii Purlik.Novy Manege,
19 - 23 March 2008.

Novy Manege, d. 3/1 Georgievsky Pereulok
m. Okhotny Rjad.
You are welcome. And we are waiting for you.

New project by Anatolii Purlik, named "Brightness of my Moon."

Liliya Slavinskaya

Part of the exposition by A. Purlik (from 15 graphic works)

Tamara Shilovskaya.

Nikogosjan near works by Jak Ikhmaljan

The Les Oreades Gallery exposition.

Liliya Slavinskaya and Nikogosjan Nikolay

Eugeny Krjukov at the exhibition

Liliya Slavinskaya and Irina Starzgenetskaya

Anatolii Purlik

Anatolii Purlik & Vache Ikhmaljan

Eugeny Krjukov with fine stranger...

Anatolii Purlk, Alexey Lantsev at the display

It will be TV -Report tonight...

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