Echibitions in Moscow and Russia : Russian modern artists. Gallery LES OREADES collection.
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"Russia - Korea". Joint exhibition of the Russian and Korean artists in Moscow. Les Oreade

"Russia - Korea".

Joint exhibition of the Russian and Korean artists in Moscow devoted to the 21 anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Russian Federation and Republic Korea.
At an exhibition it will be shown about 40 pictorial works of surprising masters from Korea, created in the modern art the original art style.
In a photo album the works of the Korean artists presented at an exhibition are presented.

The Russian side is presented by works of artists and sculptors from gallery Les Oreades collection - OREAD, placed in an exposition in 5th hall, within the limits of an exhibition "SUMMER In OREAD-2011".

The OPENING DAY on August, 11th at 18:00,

5th hall, CHA, 2nd floor.

The exhibition works 11 - 13 on August!

Kang, Gyung Sook / Winter Serenade, 72.7x53cm, Photography, Oil on Canvas

Kang, Suk Jean / Farming Field at Nag-dong River/72.8x53.0cm, Oil on Canvas

Kang, In Joo - Mother 53.0x45.5cm, Oil on Canvas 2011

Ko, Kyung Ja / Look forware to 23x63x32cm, Ceramic 2010

Kim, Soung Gyu / The Sunrise Top Spot in Jeju 33.4x45.5cm, Oil on Canvas 2011

Kim, Suk Hee / A piece red mind I 45.5x53cm, India ink on Korean paper

Kim, Eun Sook - Indian Women 25.8x15.8cm(6piece), Mixed Media 2011

Kim, Jae Im "Dream of a small spring"61x92cm, Acrylic on Traditional Korean Paper 2010

Kim, Jeong Hwa - Feast-22 60.6x72.7cm, Acrylic on canvas 2011

Kim, Jin Weon - Iljoongdadahapil I 92x73cm, India ink on Korean paper 2011

Kim, Hyun Sook "The flower" 45x22cm, India ink on Korean paper 2011

Park, Dong Youl - Love 45.5x37.9cm, Oil on Canvas 2011

Park, Ju Bu. "A song of dharma" 37x13,5x65cm, Black stone, 2011

Paik, Sung Hea. "Immortal Dance-1103". 61x30cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2011

Shin, Kil Woong - Coexistence 45.5x33.4cm, Acrylic on canvas 2009

Shin, In Soo - Before sunrise 37x67cm, Rust stain mashed Dak paper 2011

Shim, Hyoun Joo - Our Buddha 50x50cm, Oil on canvas, Mixed Media 2010

Yon, Young Ae - Overlab 53x45.5cm, Acrylic on canvas 2011

Lee, Kyong Mo. "Stone-Story". 50x60.6cm, India ink on Korean paper 2011

Lee, Hae Gee."The great Renunciation" 45x48cm,Gold,Silver on Mulberry Paper(gamji),2011

Lee, Hae Kyung - Woman's heart 53x45.5cm., Oil on Canvas 2011.

Lee Hei "In Happy day". 2011, 7 45.5x53cm, Watercolor on paper

Jang An "Soon Sound" 45x45cm, India ink on Korean traditional pape

Chung, Byeok Won "A tree frog" 70x50cm, Oil on Canvas, 2009

Choi, Bok Eun. "Wind". 64x55.5cm, India ink coloring on Korean paper, 2009

Paeng Yong Ja. "Riverside". 52x52cm, Watercolor Medium on Arches paper

Ha, Mi Hye. "Butterfly-Image". 21x25cm, India ink on Korean paper, 2009

Hur, Myung Sook."Symbiosis" I 47x38cm, Mixed Media, 2011

Lee, Hyun Kwon. "Dream in the Han River". 30x81cm, C-Print, 2011

Lee, Jong Sook. "Summer". 52x33cm, Oil on Canvas, 2011

Lee, Won Baek. "Iibido-Two". 53x45.5cm, Mixed media, 2011

Lee, Boon Tae. "Early Spring". 41,0x53,0cm, Oil on canvas
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