Echibitions in Moscow and Russia : Russian modern artists. Gallery LES OREADES collection.
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AURORA. Export-licence for art-works.
Export-licence for art-works.



Lilija Slavinskaya represents a traditional summer exhibition:
CHA, 5 hall
The joint project: Gallery LES OREADES-OREADY and Studio "Alexandrija"

Gallery LES OREADES represents works from own collection:
Gallery for the first time will exposes pictures:
Valery Levanidov (1905-1983) - - "Moscow - a childhood city".
Painting, a drawing:
Michael Anikeev, Alexey Belyanin, Pavel Blok, Michael Bogatyryov, Alexander Bykov,
Evgenie Zhidkov, Alexandra Zabelina, Andrey Zefirov,
Michael Matorin, Nikolay Melnikov, Cyrill Mordovin, Victor Nikitin,
Evgenie Obukhov, Vladimir Petrov, Anatoly Purlik, Lydjia Skargina, Victor Reshitov,
Anna Sarjan, Vladimir Sidorov, Lilija Slavinskaya, Victor Smirnov,
Boris Smotrov, Victor Sorokin, Darja Timoshkina, Yury Ustinov, Vladimir Chehlov, Igor Shipilin.
Evgenie Vereschagin, Alexey Vladimirov, Vladimir Kirjyanov, Alexander Chichkin, Vladimir Chibisov.
Catalogs, booklets, a drawing, cards, CDs-disks are presented in a hall.
"A kabinet of the small picture".

The exhibition is interesting both to collectors and for fans of painting.
Studio "Alexandrija" represents abstract painting of Andrey Volkov, Sergey Brjuhanov, Alexander Glazkov.
And also new (2011г.) a collection by Alexander Glazkov's glasses.
In 2011 Studio "Alexandrjia" marks the twentieth anniversary of creative activity.
The studio has got popularity in a circle of experts, architects and designers thanks to specialization on designing and execution of stained-glass windows, author's glass and a mosaic.

Exhibition opening day:
On April, 29th, 18:00 (Friday)

The program:
- Plays a jazz. DANCES.

The exhibition is opened from April, 29th till May, 18th 2011.

The Central House of the Artist (CHA),
5th hall (the second floor)

The exhibition will continue the work since June, 14th and all the summer long in 5th hall bright, multi-color products of studio "Alexandria" and a collection of painting and gallery LES OREADES sculpture will be presented. The summer begins on April, 29th!!!

We are waiting for you!

CHA, Hall 5. Boris Smotrov

Beljanin Alexei

David Rubinshtein, Helena Shegal

Boris Smotrov

Boris Smotrov

Boris Smotrov

CHA, Hall 5.

Victor Sorokin, Igor Shipilin, Anna Sarjan.

Sorokin Victor

CHA, Hall 5.

CHA, Hall 5.

Mikhail Matorin. CHA, Hall 5.

Anikeev Mikhail

Victor Nikitin

Vladimir Kirjanov, Vladimir Chibisov.

Vladimir Kirjanov

Alexsander Chichkin

Alexsei Vladimirov

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