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LIFE IN COLOR. Darja Timoshkina. Painting. LES OREADES gallery.

LIFE IN COLOR. Darya Timoshkina. Painting.
Exhibition from February, 15 till February, 27th, 2011. (Att. !!! till March 3rd !!!)
Darya Timoshkina has presented a collection of works in various genres: a still-life, a landscape executed in decorative style.
In these works it expresses the mood, passes seen through itself, and the maintenance and images a beret from the soul. The main theme - open spaces of Russian earth; rural small houses with their unique character and history, life of simple people, seasons.

About Darya Timoshkinoj's creativity:
Darya Timoshkinoj's aspiration to express the impressions of rich and various life of Russian remote places has led to its decorative style in painting.
The expression and harmony of color to become the main spokesman of its creativity. The musical rhythm of the color stains, the confident and powerful blows by a brush, make impression of pleasure and completeness of life. Each work expresses certain bright impression from life of the author.
Themes of its pictures: Vladimir, Suzdal, Russian village, small cities, still stored a charm of ancient olden time. Constant creative trips on etudes and sketches, give it a rich working material which is creatively reinterpreted in a workshop.

Central House of Artist,
10 Krymsky Val,
New Galleries space
«Les Oreades - Ореады» Gallery

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