Echibitions in Moscow and Russia : Russian modern artists. Gallery LES OREADES collection.
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AURORA. Export-licence for art-works.
Export-licence for art-works.



[20.03.2013]   Vladimir Roskin (1896-1984). New collection.

[12.03.2013]   "TWO PLEASURES": Vladimir Dzhemesyuk. Zverevsky center of the modern art. March 2013.

[03.02.2013]   "Moscow". Korea-Les Oreades, Opening. 2013, February.

[02.02.2013]   South Korea.Milal Art Museum."Moscow".

[17.01.2013]   The OPENING DAY IN BIRTHDAY. "New gallery space" in Tverskaya.

[26.12.2012]   "The XX century: Vladimir Roskin (1896-1984)". Painting, graphics.


[08.12.2012]   Competition of the modern fine arts of ArtPreview

[25.11.2012]   "TREE of DESIRES". Mikhail Golubev. Painting.

[20.10.2012]   XXXIII RUSSIAN ANTIQUARIAN SALON 2012. Les Oreades Gallery.

[08.08.2012]   Vladimir Shishkov. Х FILES Х

[17.07.2012]   Opening of the expozition:"Graphic from Madrid Gallery at —HA. 17th July 2012.
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