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July 2006. Current exhibitions.

LES OREADES Gallery is pleased to announce the July exhibitions.
Exhibition locations: Central House Of Artists, Hotel Marco Polo Presnia, Paveletskaya Tower Business Centre.

"Summer in Oreades II". Dance on the wet grass. An annual expanded exhibition.
5 - 30 July. Central House of Artists, 3d Floor Hall 17.
Opening on July 13th, at 6pm.
Invitation is available from Thursday, July 5, at the Gallery and at our website.
The Moscow Painting School Artists. Painting by Mikhail Anikeev, Mikhail Matorin, Helena Shegal, Viktor Sorokin, Yvgeni Sorokin, Oleg Chistyakov). From the Gallery collection.
4 - 27 July. CHA, New Galleries space, Hall 6.
The City landscape. Painting by Vera Yelnitskaya.
4 31 July. Paveletskaya Tower Business Centre. Entrance free.
The Crimea landscape. Painting by Igor Shipilin.
25 July 31 August. CHA, New Galleries space, Hall 6
Opening on July 27th, at 6pm.
Buryat motives.
Yury Mandaganov. Florentine mosaic from Siberia.
1 31 August. Marco Polo Hotel Presnia. Entrance free.

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