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House for artists "ROMANOVO" has been opened in Tutayev.

Mrs Lilia SLAVINSKAYA Director of LES OREADES gallery in Moscow, will be pleased to invite you to have a rest in this place.
Historic information.
Tutayev is a district center of the Yaroslavl region, located 38 km north-west of Yaroslavl. Until 1918 Tutayev was called Romanov-Borisoglebsk. In memory of the Red Army soldier I.P. Tutayev, perished during a revolt of Socialist-Revolutionaries the town was renamed. The Volga splits Tutayev into two parts, that were considered different towns till the 18th century. The oldest of them is Romanov on the left bank. It was founded in the late 13th century, 1283 the latest, by Roman Vasilievitch, the prince of Uglich, as a small fortress. In 1491 Romanov became a part of the principality of Muscovy.

These places, amazing by their beauty, were always inspiration for Russian painters.
Boris Kustodiev created works “Russian province” in Romanov. There is a museum of the first provincial bank, a museum of life, a museum of nail in the town.
The cleanest air, water and silence will pleasantly surprise You after city fuss.
It’s impossible to get the same impressions in any other place in all Europe.

About creation “Romanovo” :
The house of creation “Romanovo” is situated on the Volga town Tutaev (left bank).
Ancient wooden house (1830 year). Reconstruction since 1999 till now.
Groups from one to 15 people are accepted.
We invite families with children for rest.
Rooms for living for 1 - 6  people. Individual house.
Russian banja. Piano. Telephone. Internet (extra pay).
From 400 rubles/day per person (meals not included), 700 rubles (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
According to Your wish meals can be organized in the house of creation.

We organize tourist journeys to Uglich, Yaroslavl, Tutaev (right side), Rybinsk, Kostroma, Vologda, Suzdal and Vladimir.
Voyages through the Volga. Fishing.
There are a canteen, shops and markets near the house.

Our prices more… 

Address:  Yaroslavskaya area, Tutaevsky region, town Tutaev, left side (Romanovo), Pokrovskaya square, 8.
How to get to us:
By train:    to the town Yaroslavl-Glavny.
From Yaroslavsky rail station in Moscow: departures at 8.24 am and 4.30 pm.
From the auto station of the square Yaroslavl-Glavny by bus № 128 to Romanovo – left side, departure at 1.10 pm.
By car:      Moscow, Yaroslavskoye highway,
Through Sergiev-Posad, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov Veliky, Yaroslavl (280 km)
(direction to Vologda, the bridge over the Volga), turn to Tutaev on the left side of the Volga (35 km).

Cont. phone: 8-916-242-01-69 (Moscow)
8 903 826-51-10 (Alexsey, Tutayev)


Tutayev - Romanovo. August 2009. more

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