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Opening of an exhibition of Lilija Slavinskaya in Arkhangelsk.

State museum association "Art Culture of the Russian North"
and Les oreades gallery Moscow
Anniversary exhibition                                              Афиша

Lilija Slavinskaya (Moscow)
G. Arkhangelsk.
The museum of art development of the Arctic of A. A. Borisov
Pomorskaya St., 3
The exhibition will open on January 16th at 16:00
At an exhibition pictures and Lilija Slavinskaya's photos created on the Archipelago of Franz Joseph Land, Aleksandra's island in 2014 will be presented.
Northerners will be able to look at works to the middle of March.
"On Earth there are no unnecessary and ugly places. I want to transfer and leave to the world in painting, graphics and the photo fragile creations of the nature in their luxury of color and a form before they disappear from the face of the earth." - Lilija Slavinskaya shared.
We will note that works in Arkhangelsk will be presented till March 17.
Also we will remind that the exhibition will take place to the address: Arkhangelsk, Pomorskaya St., 3



ARCTIC.Arctic. Franz Joseph Land. Lilija Slavinskaya. 2014. Photos. more

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