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"City of Lopasnya". Vladimir Dzhemesyuk. Personal exhibition.

From July 3 to August 3, 2014 in Showroom of Podolsk (Lenin Ave of 113/62) the personal exhibition of Vladimir Dzhemesyuk "City of Lopasnya" will take place.
The exhibition is held with support and L.P. Slavinskaya's assistance and Les Oreadse-Oready gallery.
Vladimir Dzhemesyuk was born in 1955 in Siberia.
I studied at the Correspondence university of arts of Krupskaya at A.S. Eisenman and at the Moscow printing institute at M. P. Miturich.
The member of the Union of artists of Russia (since 1997), the International federation of artists (from the date of the basis).
Since 1986 participant more than fifty exhibitions.
Among them: the 16th, 19th youth, "Youth of Russia", exhibitions as a part of Association of the Moscow artists - an exhibition in "VZ on Kashirka", 1990, in the Central House of Artists, 2000, and to the USA, the State of Maine, 2001, exhibitions of the City town committee of schedules and the International federation of artists, an exhibition in Vision Future gallery, Nice, France (with T. Karaffa-Korbut and M. Smirennomudrensky), 2006.

in scientific research institute of Motion picture art, 1993 in the Central House of Artists ("Passions human", the presented Russian-French gallery "I Climbed Oread"), 1998 in the Central House of Artists in I Climbed Oread gallery, 2008 of Gala Galerie (an exhibition "Evenings on x...", devoted to N. V. Gogol's 200 anniversary), 2009.

Works are in Zimmerli museum, in the Museum of modern Russian art in Jersey - City, in the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, in the city hall of Nice, in private collections of Russia, France, Germany, Switzerland, the USA and Japan.
Les Oreades gallery has in the collection of work of Vladimir Dzhemesyuk, repeatedly represents his creativity in the exhibitions held by gallery.

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