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AURORA. Export-licence for art-works.
Export-licence for art-works.


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Tutaev. The Creativity house ROMANOVO with a kind on the Borisoglebsky party.

Tutaev – a city, on the river Volga, located in Tutaevsky area which is in Yaroslavl region.
Here there are no the bridges conducting through the river, and for a crossing ferries in the summer are used and boats, and in the winter the river pass on ice.
Here it is silent, and the spirit of the nineteenth century soars in air … Unique risings and sunsets.

The house of creativity located on the left coast of Volga in Romanov, is created for rest and creativity.
Every year brings changes in its conditions.
The house becomes cosier, warmer. 
And the house not one! There are also separate houses for visitors!
Here unique conditions for all visitors are created.
Cosy and comfortable rooms, Russian bath, kitchen garden, Volga in 10 minutes of walking from the house!
A food – on your choice! House: house dairy and meat products, vegetables, fruit, a house pickles.
Fresh fish (the Volga!). A dining room 10 minutes from the house or «we prepare».
About sights of Tutaev, its ancient monuments, holidays, magnificent and unique beauty it is written so much that it is necessary to arrive only and … once again to arrive for ever to remain the captive of this corner of Russia!

Our prices are more detailed …

We are waiting for you! With children here it is magnificent!

Call and write! Also hasten! In the summer all hasten!

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