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Gallery LES OREADES represents an exhibition of painting of Victor Smirnova. December 2007, CHA.

From December, 16 till December, 23rd, 2007 gallery LES OREADES will present to spectators the present New Year's gift: surprising on the beauty, a full exhibition of known painter Smirnov Victor Ivanovich consisting of 60 cloths which will be presented in CHA.
Only the doubtless talent can draw attention. For success achievement singularity of thinking of the author, feature of its palette and the main thing art taste of gallery and the artist should coincide.
Three years Smirnov Victor Ivanovich waited for arrival of owners of gallery LES OREADES to itself in a workshop in Vladimir, and knowingly.
Improbable on beauty and a subtlety picturesque cloths of the artist: boundless open spaces of the native earth familiar since the childhood, revealing to the admired spectator from height of the bird's flight, very much were pleasant to owners of gallery. And they have considered that it is necessary to show such beauty.
Within the limits of an exhibition, on December, 19th will pass solemn evening,
In which program a masked ball and a lottery, and also set of pleasant surprises and gifts for visitors.
However, the exhibition in CHA is not Victor Smirnov's first large exposition.
So, on November, 23rd, 2007 in an exhibition hall of hotel Marco Polo Presnja the personal exhibition of the artist has taken place.
On an opening day there were many eminent visitors among whom there was an art elite, admirers of Smirnova and fans of painting, friends of gallery LES OREADES, and also the collectors working as representatives of the largest Russian and foreign firms.
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