Echibitions in Moscow and Russia : Russian modern artists. Gallery LES OREADES collection.
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Project Contemporary artists of Russia - 2009. Sight Petersburg.

The idea of acceptability and permissibility of different styles and manners in modern art came to my mind during my examination of contemporary works. I focused my attention on works of those artists who will perhaps influence the artistic life not only in their proper city or region, but in the whole country. As a rule, the good classic school determines art style and manner of many Russian artists. In spite of different art genres: landscape, fruit-piece, portrait, easel painting or sculpture, I was attracted by optimistic and vital position of artists. All artists’ work are many –sided and the choice of themes and motives is various. 
So, for the continuing of our project “Contemporary artists of Russia” we present the exhibition of artists Elya Nevinnaya from Kaluga and Vladimir Sidorov from N. Novgorod. 
We wish Elya Nevinnaya and Vladimir Sidorov well and good luck and we hope that people will like our exhibition.
S.A. Yanchenko 
Honored worker of culture of the Russian Federation, 
Head of the exhibitions’ department   Federal State institution “The State Complex “The Palace of Congresses”.

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