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Alexey Listopad. A word about the artist.

Alexey Listopad. A word about the artist. 
Alexey Evgenevich Listopad – the painter, the set designer, the artist of cinema. 
Member of the Union of Artists of Russia. 
Works are in the state museums and private collections of Russia, Lithuania, Poland, France and Germany.
Alexey Listopad was born on October, 18th, 1950 in Njandoma of the Arkhangelsk region, but at once has been taken away by parents to Lithuania. The childhood and a youth have passed in Klaipeda on Baltic sea. The father – the captain of a fishery vessel, mum - the doctor. 
Klaipeda – a city-port full of impressions and temptations. Here friends, art school, employment by fencing; in a youth – literary association of "an amber Drop», the first verses. 
Communication with association is not lost till now, Alexey's new verses are always published in anniversary collections. 
  In 1970 arrives in the Penza art school, in 1974 successfully finishes study. The Penza school – one of the best and the oldest in Russia, its teachers and fellow students are a precious acquisition. They meet till now, though a life of the artist, solitary, the main thing – work. 
   Further independent search begins. Alexey builds itself as the artist and as the person, without allowing to lower for a long time a hand and to lose courage. For these years there was a work at theatres of the cities of Samaras and Penza, teaching at the Klaipeda art school, work as the art director at cinema (к/ф the Sphinx "," Presence "," Theatrical history », etc.) 

  Now Alexey gives all forces to painting. Before us the bright and original painter. Its painting testifies to doubtless talent. Cloths live, breathe and flicker; at them always there is a certain secret and expectation – an image of multidimensionality of the world. Works are spiritualised, filled by internal light and energy. They need to be considered without haste, they are metaphysical and reveal not at once. Probably, dream of the artist to be clear. Look. Both to you will open, and you will understand …

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