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2008 year - exhibition of Zhak Ikhmalyan in Nuremberg and Geneva

After certain negotiations we have come to an agreement about the organization of Zhak Ikhmalyans exhibition which will take place in Germany, Nuremberg in 2008.

The exhibition dates will be settled for sure in the near future. Moreover, were thinking of making another exhibition of his paintings in Geneva, Switzerland the same year, says Liliya Slavinskaya, the gallery director.
In October 2005 the Art Gallery of Zurab Tsereteli and the Les Oreades Gallery co-operated in making another exhibition of Zhak Ikhmalyans paintings which helped people to get in touch with the artists world.
Since the beginning of the nineties the Les Oreades Gallery has been exhibiting the artists works.

His paintings are stored at the Tretyakov gallery, the Armenia State Picture gallery and in many private collections. Being successful during his life time Zhak Ikhmalyans creative work has been really appreciated posthumously.

Usually an artist finds it hard to talk about themselves or their creative work. Only paintings which they create can tell us about artist, their personality and creative skills. Me, for example, I reflect what I feel in my paintings while creating them without any try to decorate my feelings because those decorations are just like pretty but meaningless words, thats just the cover that prevents you from seeing the artists real face, - said Zhak Ikhmalyan.

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