Echibitions in Moscow and Russia : Russian modern artists. Gallery LES OREADES collection.
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AURORA. Export-licence for art-works.
Export-licence for art-works.


Artistic thoughts - 2005. The pioneering ideas from modern Russian artists. Central House Of Artists, Hall 3.

Les Oreades Art Gallery is pleased to invite you to the exhibition.

Artistic thoughts and idears by Russian artists and sculptors.
New names and new paintings by gallery artists.
A large collection of 120 fine items.

Artists: O. Akulina, I. Alaverdova, I. Bourdjelian, A. Bukh, D. Demirkhanov,
A. Ibragimov, O. Iordan, A. Fateev, Y. Fateev, S. Golovko, B. Kocheishvily,
M. Levko, Y. Levko, H. Leites, A. Listopad, M. Martinov, A. Morev, A. Mukushev,
V. Razgulin, V. Sidorov, T. Shilovskaya, B. Smotrov, A. Timofeev, N. Yerofeeva, A. Zefirov.
Sculptors: T. Levko and S. Skala.

Opening: 17th December at 4pm, hall №3 (For Invitations please contact the Gallery)
7 th December through 6th January, 2006.

You are welcome.

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Central House Of Artists,
10 Krymsky Val,
The Mezzanine, Hall N3

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