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AURORA. Export-licence for art-works.
Export-licence for art-works.


JACQUES IKHMALYAN (1922 - 1978). Painting, graphics.

2 - May 12, 2013
CHA, 5th hall, 2nd floor.

Opening day: On May 3 at 17:00 in CHA hall 5.

Catalog presentation "Jacques Ikhmalyan. Painting, graphics".
On an opening day: sale of the catalog on the special price.

To the 90 anniversary since the birth of artist Jacques Ikhmalyan (1922-1978) gallery "Les Oreades - Oready" and the successor of the artist - Vache Ikhmalyan represent the best, already known pictures, and a new collection of painting and graphics in a spacious hall No. 5, on the second floor of the Central house of the artist in Moscow.
The catalog is issued specially to this date and there will be its presentation.

Gallery is pleased to invite you to participate in the open event.

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Ikhmalyan Jak
72 98
*Skeleton of fish
Ikhmalyan Jak
100 80
*Still life with a bottle and a shot glass
Ikhmalyan Jak
97 71
*Street actors
Ikhmalyan Jak
80 100

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*Talk (Meeting)
Ikhmalyan Jak
*The inclined
Ikhmalyan Jak
100 74
Ikhmalyan Jak
97 72
Ikhmalyan Jak
100 71
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Invitation to Exhibition
You may print the Invitation and come with it to Exhibition


Moscow, Central House of Artist,
10 Krymsky Val,
Hall 5.

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