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Slavinskaya Lilia

Born in Samara in 1950.
1967-1973 Ц studied at the Kaluga teacher training college (faculty of foreign languages, French-Russian department). After graduating she worked as a foreign languages teacher.
At the age of 27, and somewhat unexpectedly, she started to paint.
This was to play a deciding role in her life.
Lilia obtained a place for evening classes in the artistic-graphics faculty of the Moscow teacher training college.
She completed the course with distinction.
The theme of her degree was "Landscape drawing, various techniques".
From 1983 to 1987 she taught drawing, painting, and encouraged the creation of toys.
She produced approximately 2,000 illustrations and methodologies on how to teach children and adults with clay, drawing and painting.
Worked as painter-producer for regional theatres and designed the interior of museums (Chijevsko museum, Tsiolkov museum and others).
In 1989 with her husband, V.L. Slavinsky, she organised an exhibition of nine Russian artists in Switzerland (Vidliesbach).
The exhibition was a great success.
This marked the beginning of many years of cultural exchanges which continue to this day.
Thereafter, she was involved in the organisation of art exhibitions in Germany, Austria, Italy, America, France and various other countries.

Lilia has lived and worked in Moscow since 1990 and in that time has become Director of "Les Oreades" Gallery (Paris-Moscow), which is located at the Central House of Artists on Krimsky val.
From 2000-2007 she held personal exhibitons in Austria and Switzerland, as well as frequent exhibitions in Moscow and other cities.

From October 2002 to April 2003 Lilia Slavinskaya participated in the 12th NIS "Academic Ioffe" trip to Antartica.
Work done during her travels is successfully exhibited in museums and exhibition centres in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kaliningrad and other Russian cities.

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