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Chistyakov Oleg

Born in Moscow on March 18th 1922.
He studied at the Art Institute in Memory of 1905 with L.I. Aronov and L.Ya. Zevin.
In 1950 he graduated from the Surikov Moscow State Art Institute, where he studied with S.V. Gerasimov and was one of his best students.
He also studied with B.L. Zakaznov, V.V. Favorskaya, I.I. Chekmazov and V.V. Pochtalov.
1954 was the beginning of his exhibition activity.
Since then, Chistyakov has participated in over one hundred exhibitions - in Moscow, republican, and all-union exhibitions.
In 1955 he became a member of the USSR Union of Artists.

In 1989 he organised his first personal exhibition.
The same year he was awarded a prize for the best work of the year.
In addition to this he received a number of other awards from the Moscow Union of Artists.
In 1999 he had a personal exhibition in "Les Oreades" gallery in the Central House of Artists.
In 2000, Chistyakov received the title of Honored Artist of Russia.

Alongside this intense creative work, Chistyakov devoted great energy to pedagogical activities.
From 1952 to 1982 ha taught drawing and painting at the Moscow textiles institute.
After 30 years of teaching he was awarded various medals and titles.
In 1982, he received the title Veteran worker.

Chistyakov's works can be found in various national museums and collections as well as in foreign galleries and private collections.

Chistyakov successfull works include painted landscapes, still life and portraits.
His style is distinguishable due to its subtle colouring and highly cultured lighting.
His style is fresh, unfettered.

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