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Savkuev Khamid

Khamid Savkuyev was born in 1964, in the town of Jambul, Kazakhstan, where his family moved to from the Republic of Kabardin Balkarias.

In 1979, the Savkuyevs returned to their native Northern Caucases to the town of Naltchik.
Here Savkuyev received his initial art training with the master painter-monumentalist ..Syndykova. Khamid later entered Stavropol Pedagogical Institute, department of painting and graphics, where he studied for three years.
In 1989, he enrolled in the Repin Academy of Arts in St Petersburg and graduated from there in 1995. He studied under the tutorship of Alexander Mylnikov.
The artist worked at the Alexander Mylnikov studio until 1998.
In 1996 Khamid Savkuyev was recompensed by the Russian Painters Academy for his study "Bride", created at the Ethnographical Institue of Naltchik. A year later executes a decorative panel entitled "Ploughmans Yield" for House of the Governmental Republics Kabardino-Balkaria.
In 1999 he took part in mural painting at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior ("Baptism of Kievan","Performance / Execution of the relics of Nikolai Ugodnika").
Within a few years Khamid Savkuyevs works were displayed at the Art Exhibition Artex in Barcelona and in 1999 his painting, Saint George , was purchased for the Presidential Palace in Barcelona.
A catalogue highlighting Savkuyev's exhibitions was distributed in various towns in China.
In 2002 the artists executed the mural " " in the main church in Kursk.
In April 2004 he held a personal exhibition in Holland and at the same time opened an exhibition in the halls of St Petersburg's Union of Artists.

Today, Sakuyev teaches church-historical artists at the Repin Institute of St Petersburg Art Academy.
"Les Oreades" organised his first exhibition in Moscow (summer 2004, CHA).

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