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Subkhankulov Tagir

Tagir Subkhankulov, born in Bashkiria on November 15, 1954,
graduated from the art faculty of the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute.
He lives in Moscow.
He is the author of sculptures and monuments made of wood, bronze, stone, ceramics, and other traditional and modern materials.
Tagir Subkhankulov has been a member of the Russian Artists Union since 1984;
he is also a member of the Moscow Association of Sculptors, of the international artistic Sunny Square organization and of the artistic union named ''Rassam.'' His sculptures have been purchased by such Russian museums as the Tretiakov Gallery, the National Centre of Tatar Culture in Kazan and the Regional Art Museum in Riazan.
A number of the sculptors monumental works have been erected in Petrozavodsk, Vologda as well as in the Moscow and Ryazan regions.
Tagir Subkhankulov has produced, among other things, the sculptural composition "Mermaid" as part of the fountain in front of the National Centre of Tatar Culture in Kazan, the prize of the International Festival of Moslem Cinema "The Golden Minbar," the prize-symbol of the Foundation for Tatar Spiritual Resurrection "Ruhiyyat" as well as the sculptural embodiment of the symbol of Tataria, the Akbars (White Leopard).

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