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Zefirov Andrei

1932 Born in the artist Konstantin Zefirov family.
1948 gained a place at Moscow city art school.
1960 graduated from Moscow Higher Industrial Art School (formerly Stroganov).
1962 begins to participate in exhibitions. In addition to painting work, the artist also covers the areas of decorative art, posters, and book illustrations.
1966 participates in the 7th International health-education poster competition. Bologne, Italy. Golden medal for group soviet posters, including the poster by .K.Zefirov "I lover of cleanliness".
1977 becomes member of USSR Union of Artists. Regular participant of exhibitions in Moscow (water-colours, tempera, oil).
1982 received award from Moscow State Art Fund (USSR) for still life "Summer".
1987 creative evening with exhibition work at Artist's House, uznetski most, 11.
1988 received award from Moscow State Art Fund (USSR) for still life series.
1992-1993 exhibition at galleries " ", "", "" and others.
1993 becomes member of International Artist's

Since 1992 works with "Les Oreades" gallery.

Works of the artist can be found in various state establishments and private collections in Moscow and other towns in Russia as well as in private collections in France, Germany, USA, Israel.
Andrey Zefirov has died on November 5, 2017.

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