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Zefirov Andrei

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Peaches and a dish "Rococo".
45х56, 2005
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Pears and chinese towel
54х65, 1995
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57х43, 2008
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34х49, 1988
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Pomegranates and floral fabric
37х44, 1997
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The Bouquet. Sukhumi.
50х35, 1971
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Tulips and a cup
45х38, 1997
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Wilting peonies
69х51, 1998
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1932 Ц Born in the artist Konstantin Zefirov family.
1948 Ц gained a place at Moscow city art school.
1960 Ц graduated from Moscow Higher Industrial Art School (formerly Stroganov).
1962 Ц begins to participate in exhibitions. In addition to painting work, the arti ...

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